Gone are the days of working with multiple online marketing tools and single-point service providers; all of Constant Contact’s standalone products like Email Marketing, Social Campaigns, and EventSpot and are packaged them into one platform. Constant Contact offers a comprehensive set of services to small businesses and not-for-profits.

Only Constant Contact has the campaigns built to help you reach current customers and find new ones in all the places that matter: email, social, mobile, web and in-person, complete with integrated contact management and reporting.

Constant Contact is your single source for marketing campaigns, including:

  • Sending email newsletters and announcements
  • Collecting online feedback
  • Promoting and managing events online
  • Running offers, promotions, and donation drives through email or social media

Constant Contact also includes shared content and contact management that works across all of these campaigns with real-time reporting insights that let you see what worked and what didn’t.

And it’s all in one place — with the convenience of one login.

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