If you are seriously interested in turning around your company’s online business prospects for the better, then search engine marketing is just right for you. At CCS Atlanta we provide a combination of multiple services that help you grow your market as well as your business.

We provide a one point solution so that your business gains maximum visibility in the crowded online market. Amalgamating individual services such as Pay per Click Marketing, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Affiliate Marketing, we continually ensure that your business stays at the top of the SERPs despite the regularly changing algorithms of search engines such as Google.

Essentially, we help your business find customers – essentially what all businesses are looking for. We focus on what strategies are required for SEO in today’s scenario rather than focusing on future rollouts. Our Search Engine Marketing services include the following:

1. Google AdWords: With the help of this powerful marketing tool, we will help you generate traffic for your website through various techniques that will promote sales, provide leads, and even generate brand consciousness. Google Adwords consists of various services such as Pay per Click Ads (PPC Ads) and targeted website advertising that includes banner, text, and display ads. As your trusted Google Adwords Partner, we will provide you our services via an expert and professional team that understand your business.

2. Pay per Click (PPC): We can help your company with PPC Advertising. Unless you are an expert here, chances are you will be wasting your money without obtaining effective results. With high costs and low conversion rates, your online strategy could simply tank up. With our professional help, we will help you significantly lower costs while building up better and higher traffic so that you achieve higher ROI. We can outline a suitable PPC strategy that can work wonders for your online business. We will launch a profitable and effective PPC strategy that will extend your reach online and ensure maximum coverage on Google, Bing and other popular networks. We utilize some of the most rigorous and effective methodologies to ensure that the keywords utilized result in the best leads and sales.

3. Bing Ads (Bing PPC): Now that Bing PPC Campaigns have emerged as an alternative to Google in recent year by garnering about 30% of the search engine market share along with its partner sites such as Yahoo, we offer you a professional PPC service on Bing’s networks. Since a Bing PPC campaign does not cost as much as Google, the advertising costs are lesser compared to what you would spend on Google PPC. Currently, since Bing is offered to only certain countries, you can certainly take massive advantage of this situation and market your products or services to niche venues.

4. Affiliate Marketing: In the present era of online marketing, it is possible to generate a high ROI through online affiliate networks. With our help and expertise, we will help extend your reach through our affiliate advertising programs. Our programs will help you reap the opportunity to reap the maximum benefits from our affiliate networks. Affiliate marketing will not only help you boost your customer base but also generate high levels of customer loyalty. We will help you increase your brand presence across the internet so that you obtain maximum attention from your customers and build a loyal customer base ultimately improving your revenue flow.

What Next?

At CCS Atlanta, we understand that your expectations from a search engine marketing company can run high. As a highly responsive team of SEM professionals, we quickly anticipate and resolve challenges. With a sharp focus on a quantifiable search engine ranking, we can add value to your current online marketing strategy and plans. Call us to know more!

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