Your Digital Checklist

Below we have essential guidelines on ensuring your firm has a solid digital presence, what CCS can offer, and a showcase of projects we've worked on.

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See steps below to ensure how digital your firm is.

Here are a few steps to keep in mind


Ensure you have essentials, such a: a phone,  Internet, an e-mail platform, and  file sharing servers (if any).

Web Presence

Make sure you're familiar with your domain name, the website platform you use, as well as your web host.

Local Listings

Nowadays, the world is online. Take advantage of various local listing directories such as the check-in feature on Facebook, Instagram, Yelp,  Google, Bing, Foursquare, Trip Advisor, and Yahoo, just to name some examples. 

Social Media

Social media dominates the business sector. Ensure you have presence on platforms such as: Facebook (as well as Facebook Groups),  Instagram,   LinkedIn,  Twitter,  Pinterest, Snapchat (if applicable), TikTok (if applicable), Nextdoor Neighborhood, and Ring Local (if applicable).


Tools such as Databox,  Google Analytics, and Google Search Console are key for seeing integral numbers for your firm.

How can we work together?

We're a flexible team and will align our services to meet your goals!


We will work with your team to guide and support the entire process! This includes how to run for office, how to manage your website, how to retrieve data on voters, and more!

Branding & Social Media 

Develop your brand with us! We will assist our clients in developing brand kits to create a unique and consistent social media presence! 


We will consult with you to create your campaign website! We will also assist your team in managing the site once it's live!