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Starting your political campaign? We can help...

When it comes to political campaigns, marketing and branding can make all the difference. With our help, candidates can develop a clear and consistent identity that distinguishes them from their opponents and helps to build trust with voters. Contact us today to learn more about our proven strategies for campaign success.

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Schedule a Consultation

Establishing Your Brand Identity...

Your brand identity is the first impression voters have about your campaign. It represents you as a candidate, and visibly establishes you as someone they can place trust (and votes) within. With our help, we can work to establish a visual identity that resonates with your targeted voters.

Step one will be your initial conversation with our team. This will help us learn more about how you and your campaign team wish to establish your persona as a candidate.

Creating a Logo

Your logo is the central piece of your brand. It will be on your signs, your website, and any other materials else associated with your campaign. It will be your trademark visual element, and the initial catalyst for the rest of your visual materials.


We will work closely with you to create an insignia that effectively represents your campaign, and the message you want to convey to would-be-supporters. This involves creating digital drafts of potential options and refining them based on your feedback. If you have preferences for color schemes, we will begin implementing those as well.

Online Presence

Once your logo has been established, we will begin working on your website. Consider your website the central hub of your campaign, where voters can go to receive all information related you your candidacy.


The information included on your website is entirely up to you and your campaign team, but generally the most effective core pieces include:

  • Your landing page (home)

  • Personal biography (about)

  • Contact info (contact)

  • Policy overview (platform)

  • Contribution options (donate)

There are many ways to organize this information, however it is advisable to consider these five elements as core pieces to your website, and we will work with you to translate them on your site as effectively as possible​.

After your website is completed and ready to publish, we can begin working on templates for your social media that implement your branding and design themes.

Promotional Items

Promotional items are great ways to promote yourself as a candidate and continue to market yourself progressively. This can include items such as flyers, walk cards, mailers, apparel, etc.

We can work closely with you to continue designing any products you need, and ensure that all of your items adhere to your established visual identity.

*Keep in mind, this process is not necessarily a step-by-step process, and is meant to simply help prepare you for what to expect from us as your campaign's design team.


We understand that you as a candidate are unique; therefore the process of establishing your brand identity and marketing materials will be unique as well. Please contact us for a consultation, and we can begin yours!

Schedule a Consultation
Schedule a Consultation
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