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Promotional Products

Promotional products with your organizations branding can be great for increasing your outreach, whether through merch to be sold, giveaways, etc. There are a lot of opportunities you may wish to use branded materials, however there are also many factors to consider. The following information should hopefully help to provide answers some of the questions you may have, as well as provide some insight into what to expect and what you will need as we work with you to provide your branded materials! (Get approved text soon).

Picking your Products...

The first step is deciding what products you want to have your branding applied to. This may be one item, or multiple different items. When deciding on your promotional items, you should consider:

What are you using your branded items for?

  • Are they free giveaways for a specific event?

  • Items to be sold for profit or fundraising?

  • Gifts for stakeholders or partners?

​What kind of organization are you?

  • Are you running for office?

  • Is your organization is related to education?

  • Do you have a serious brand identity, or are you more playful? 

​How many products will you need?

  • Will your items be included in a bundle, needing equal amounts of each product?

  • Will you be need lots of consumable items for a giveaway event, or a small amount of quality items for selected individuals?

  • Will you need the same products for other occasion, and considering ordering higher quantities to save per unit?

Are you considering apparel items?

  • What sizes will you need?

  • How many units per size, and will you prioritize more common sizes over others?

  • Do you want multiple colors of clothing items for more variety?

Choosing your artwork...

You will also need to consider what graph want on your products. This could be your logo, text, or an event specific graphic.


Generally, using your logo for print materials is generally a solid choice for your promotional products. You can use this for multiple products, and multiple occasions.​

Event Specific

Another option may be to use event specific graphics. Perhaps you need materials that commemorate an annual event. This is a great choice for use on T-shirts, or other apparel items. You may already have a graphic prepared for this. If you do not, our team can work with you to design something based on your event and requirements!

Text Items

You may also consider adding quotes or other text that work to compliment your logo or are necessary for purpose of your products. This is useful for award titles, commemorating the date of an event/accomplishment, or when adding individual's names.

Graphic Submissions and Preparation

When you are choosing a graphic to use on your products, important considerations to keep in mind. This includes information on style decisions, item specific requirements, as well as how to submit your chosen elements to us.

Please use the materials in the dropdown below to better prepare yourself for this stage of the process.

*If our team has created your logos and visual materials, we will handle this for you

  • You will need to provide your logo or artwork in either a PDF or SVG file format. This is because the document needs to be vectorized in order to ensure proper printing. Vector items can be adjusted to any size, without any loss of quality, and can be printed on your items with complete accuracy. Printing on most products will almost always require art be submitted in this fashion.

    Notice the difference in edge fidelity of art in vectorized formats, vs those in image formats. Printers need these crisp edges to translate your design.

    If you are unable to provide a proper vector file, provide a large, high quality PNG. In certain cases, we may be able to convert the logo for you. Keep in mind, the effectiveness of the conversion depends heavily on the image quality, and complexity of your design.

  • It is important to decide which color you want your graphics printed in. It is important to consider if the color of your logo will be visible on your chosen product colors.

    Additionally, you may consider one color, or black and white options. You may also consider converting one color to black or white, and using a similar primary color for your product. Utilizing colors in this way can be especially useful for providing alternate product color options. For example, you may want to order shirts in both your primary and secondary  colors.

    If you require your logo be converted to any variation of your colors, we can do this for you. It is also helpful to provide your brands color scheme as HEX, CMYK, or Pantone color modes (whichever you have available), especially if you must use a high-quality PNG for conversion into a vector format.

  • If your logos include any text, or you need text to be added to your design, it is important you provide any fonts that will be used in your design. Remember, your artwork needs to be in vector formats to be printed effectively. This includes text. Your artwork may be vectorized, but if your text elements have not also been converted to outlines.
    This is generally a simple process; however, it becomes more difficult if font files have not been provided.

    If you cannot provide font files, the font names will suffice in most cases. This is even more crucial when your artwork has been provided as an image, as the text will need to be recreated and matched.

Some of this may seem a bit confusing at first, but don't worry. If you still have questions, or need specific considerations, our team is more than happy to communicate with you to help you come to a solution!