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Online Store

Launch your online store with CCS and Printful!

1. Research

Start with learning about your target audience and finding out all the technical requirements for product design. 

● Find your niche
● Do a competitor analysis
● Study our print file guidelines
● Learn about our printing techniques

3. Branding

When you’ve decided on your products and target audience, the next step is branding.

● Choose a memorable brand name
● Buy a domain
● Create a logo

5. Printful Setup

Here’s what you need to do on Printful’s side.

● Add a billing method on Printful
● Select a shipping method on Printful
● Set up fulfillment preferences on Printful
● Push products to the store

6. Legal

Let’s sort out the legal side of running a business.

● Register your business
● Consult a tax professional
●  Submit legal and tax information to Printful

4. Store Setup

You’re almost there! Time to decide where you’ll sell your awesome products and take care of all the technical details.

● Choose an ecommerce platform or a marketplace
● Choose a payment processor for your storefront
● Set up shipping for your storefront
● Publish a return policy on your storefront
● Add a customs disclaimer if selling internationally
● Place a test order

2. Creating Products

Now let’s get to the creative part—creating cool designs.

● Create your design
● Create products for future use
● Order discounted samples
● Choose your pricing strategy

7. Marketing

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do some marketing magic to get your first order and keep them coming in.

● Be your own PR specialist
● Make your online store easy on the eyes
● Set up social media accounts
● Work on getting your first review
● Motivate customers to buy
● Encourage user-generated content
● Experiment with low-budget advertising strategies
● Customize packing slips and shipping labels on Printful
● Use free advertising tools
● Measure the success of your marketing strategies

Schedule a Consultation
Schedule a Consultation
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